Eevee Shiny Pokemon GO: How to evolve shiny Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon

Eevee Shiny Pokemon GO: How to evolve shiny Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, EspeonNIANTIC

Eevee Shiny Pokemon GO: How to evolve shiny Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon

The for August 2018 is nearly here and with it, your chance to catch a Shiny Eevee for the very first time in the game.

But the excitement won’t end there, because unlike past community day pokemon, or most Pokemon to be honest, Eevee has a multitude of evolution forms.

Currently the game has FIVE different evolution forms for Eevee – Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon and Espeon. But there’s plenty more. In fact, if Gen 4 is set to drop later this year, you can add a further two to the list, with the introduction of Leafeon and Glaceon.

It’s no wonder then that Niantic opted to make this month’s Community Day a two-day affair to maximise trainers chances of catching as many Eevee as possible.

Whilst the above link might have you covered everything you need to know about Community Day, this page shall cover everything you could want to know about those extra special Shiny Pokemon.

From your odds to picking them up, to extra tips and tricks to ensure you have the best possible chance of catching as many for your Pokedex as possible.


This is the obvious place to start. How many Shiny Eevee do you need to catch on the Community Day?

Unfortunately, the answer is quite a lot more than you’re probably going to find.

To begin with, you’ll certainly need two shiny Eevee to ensure you can evolve Umbeon and Espeon. Because you need to walk the Eevee and evolve during the day and or night for each, you’re guarenteed these Pokemon as long as you evolve at the right time of day.

However, assuming you’ve used the naming trick, the odds for getting a shiny Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon is a little more tricky.

One Silph Road user u/Popple06 calculated exactly what your odds are, which you can see the link.

Evolving three Eevee only gives us a 22.2% chance of getting one of each and it would take nine evolutions until we can be 90% sure of getting all three,” writes u/Popple06.

Given that a shiny is meant to be rare, that’s an awful lot to pin your hopes on.

Plus, if you want shiny variants of any future Eevee evolutions, that’s another two on top. Or three, if you believe the rumours of a new Eevee evolution coming with .

Thankfully, help is also at hand


This is the first Pokemon GO Community Day since Niantic added the games new trading feature, and it takes on extra significance.

As already outlined, you’ll need to catch an awful lot of Shiny Eevee to get all those different shiny evolutions.

Thankfully if you have some friends to play with and they manage to get some shiny Eevee, you stand a far better chance of completing the whole set.

Lets say, for instance, that you were to evolve your three Shiny Eevee and in return you got two shiny Jolteon and one Flareon. You’d obviously be left a little annoyed at having missed out on Shiny Vaporeon.

Thankfully, the chances are your friend will be in the same position and assuming they’re short on the Pokemon you double up on, you should be able to complete your set of shiny Eevee evolutions.


If you’re a proper collector and you’re attempting to get all of the shiny Eevee Evolutions with the special Community Day charge move, Last Resort, there’s one thing you need to remember.

If you want to get yourself a Shiny Umbreon or Espeon with the move, you need to start walking your Shiny Eevee almost as soon as you catch it.

You need to walk each Eevee 10KM and the evolve it during the night for Umbreon or day for Espeon.

But remember, you need to do this BEFORE 9PM BST on Monday, August 13.

Evolving after that time means your Pokemon won’t learn Last Resort.

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